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What is LimeSurvey ?
Last Updated 8 years ago

LimeSurvey is free software distributed under the GPLv3 license. This means that the source code is freely available.
The GPL license is a free license that respects the 4 digital freedoms:
  1. The freedom to run the software for any purpose;
  2. Freedom to study the functioning of a program and adapt it to its needs, which requires access to source codes;
  3. Freedom to redistribute copies;
  4. The freedom to provide the community with modified versions.
Name and log LimeSurvey™ are TradeMark Fa. Carsten Schmitz / Germany.

The LimeSurvey software allows to set up questionnaires, surveys or surveys on the Internet. It has more than 30 different types of questions and as many advanced parameters to completely modify the operation.

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