Welcome to the Support Center for your surveys.

In order to simplify the requests for support and better serve you, we use a ticket management system. Each support request is assigned a unique ticket number enabling you to track your progress on-line and the answers. For your information, we provide archives and a complete history of all your support requests. A valid e-mail address is required to submit a ticket.

Warning: this is in no way the support of your hosting on limesurvey.org.

Our company provides services related to LimeSurvey (free) software, but not to hosting on limesurvey.org which is managed by another company.

A support request can be opened by anyone who wants assistance or advice about LimeSurvey. The initiation of a request for support does not entail either a resolution of the situation or an actual payment.

Unless otherwise specified in a specific contract, an individual support ticket is billed at a minimum rate of 1 hour of intervention or 45 minutes of call time.

The basic price of a support ticket is 95€, 105€ for an emergency intervention. The price is reduced from 4 tickets for the same intervention.

You can request free advice by selecting “information” on level of support : this request does not entitle you to any intervention, support or any other service. It is only reserved for simple advice on SondagesPro services and the LimeSurvey tool.

For free support, please use the LimeSurvey community forum.

If you want information about plugin development, LimeSurvey adaptation, LimeSurvey installation : please use our contact form to request a price quotation.

For free support, please use community LimeSurvey forum.

The general conditions can be found in the document Terms & Conditions: LimeSurvey help desk ticket and user support..
LimeSurvey is a trademark Fa. Carsten Schmitz / Germany. This site is in no way related to LimeSurvey, but offers a service related to this software.
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